New Zealand- Part 2

Day 4 – Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is located in the Otago region of New Zealand, at an altitude of 300 metres, covering an area of 192 square km.


I absolutely loved the walk around the lake. It was very cold and windy but so quiet and peaceful! Left Wanaka, we carried on towards Wills Hut and some interesting landscapes.


Day 5- Franz Josep and the glaciers

Franz Josef Glacier was first explored in 1865 by geologist Julius von Haast, who named it after the Austrian emperor. The glacier is five kilometres from the town of the same name, and a 20 minute walk will take you to its terminal face. Due to bad weather conditions, I couldn’t go up to see it so I took a walk called The Franz Josep walk – Glaciers View.


I remember thinking: Damn! I’m so lucky! Sounds silly I know, but In that moment I forgot about everything and when I did, I just felt overwhelmed by the sense of freedom and a weird sense of accomplishment as if I had everything I needed from life. A deep connection with the nature and the feeling that I was exactly where I should have been… if you felt that at least once, then you know what I’m talking about.

I also went horse riding during the morning and had the privilege to meet this lovely guy called Ned.


Day 6- transalpine line

One of the best rides so far, driving across the Transalpine Line. A bit up and down and not the most comfortable road to drive but fortunately I was the passenger and someone else was doing the hard work. I only had to enjoy the view from the front seat… not bad!



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