Morisset- kangaroos feeding

What could possibly be more Australian then an afternoon spent chillin’ with the Kangaroos? And so this is what I did on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Got on a train from Sydney central- direction Newcastle, stopped at Morisset. Roughly 2 hours. Long but totally worth it!

Don’t forget to buy bananas before you get there as if you don’t have food for them they won’t even approach you. They are smart animals, you know…

Tip: when you get to Morisset don’t look on google maps but ask the bus drivers at the station. GLADLY I asked because the way google map suggests is way longer than the one you will be suggested there by people who know the place better . There is also a mini van that takes tourists from the station to the park. When you ask for the kangaroos feeding everyone will know what you are talking about, it’s the only attraction in Morisset.


The park is in front of a pshychiatric hospital in the middle of a beautiful forest. As soon as you get there the bravest ones start approaching you, then you get the very bravest ones who literally assault you to take the food off you. Advice: don’t try to be the cool kid by waving the food when they look at you. The chances of being assaulted by 15 kangaroos at the same time is very high and if you don’t have enough bananas then you are most likely to set the ground for a fight between kangaroos.

Below a picture of the cutest kangaroo of the park who had his/her little one in the pocket.



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