7 reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life

1- “Not I, nor anyone else, can travel that road for you. You must travel it for yourself.”— Walt Whitman. As with everything in life, we are most likely to learn from our direct experience than through someone else’ experience. This is why I believe that traveling alone represents once of the most rewarding learning experience that, as humans, we could ever achieve during our lives. Traveling solo gives us the possibility to learn and grow every day by measuring ourselves with new challenges, where we act alone and where we are the only one to determine the outcome of our choices. Not only this makes us feeling stronger every day but it also pushes our boundaries back, achieving a higher level of independence and freedom.

2– “I am never happier than when I am alone in a foreign city; it is as if I had become invisible.” — Storm Jameson. And it’s true, when you are alone in a foreign city, you are none. None knows you, none knows how good you are at your job, at university, your parents are not there to remind you how amazing you are. You can’t meet up with your best friend to talk and probably you can’t even call her because it’s the middle of the night back home. Traveling alone gives you a new perspective on yourself, it makes you free. Free from what the people think of you because none knows you. You just become a blank piece of paper to the other people with no history and no past.

3- “Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime.” — Jacqueline Boone. When you are alone you make the effort to meet new people because you feel the need to share some experience with others. This gives you the incredible opportunity to meet amazing people along the way who might become friends for a lifetime or just people you share nice moments with. Countless the people I’ve met so far and countless those I Will meet, and no matter if I won’t see them again in my life. They have meant something to me in a particular moment and that’s all it matters.

Two or more people who meet whilst traveling is what a great man once described as “… a glimpse of two lives running parallel for a time, with similar hopes and convergent dreams…” (Ernesto Che Guevara)

4– “My alone feels so good — I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” — Warsan Shire. Being alone in a new place has a double taste. Bitter and sweet. When you are alone there will be moments when everything seems to go wrong, when you question why you decided to leave your family and friends  and whether your choice was too selfish and not considerate of other people’s feelings. That is when you taste the bitterness. Then something changes and you start feeling the sweetness about what you are doing and how much is making you grow every day, alongside the excitement of discovering new places. That is when your solitude turns into awareness of yourself and makes everything sweeter.

5- The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” — Diane Von Furstenberg. As simple as that. You can decide to break up with you boyfriend, not to talk to your friends anymore, you could decide to cut contacts with your own mother. But you will never be able to go away from yourself. That is why trying to understand your inner self it’s such an important thing as when the hard times come, by knowing yourself better you will Be able to react more courageously.

6- “Happiness only real when shared” as the final scene of the masterpiece “Into the wild” we need to be alone first to ultimately appreciate the value of sharing happiness. Wonder alone, find your place in the world and then you will realise that  “sharing” happiness will be your ultimate goal.

7- “There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.” Kate Douglas Wiggin. No matter if you travel solo or with company. Coming back home after being away a long time is always strange. Your own home doesn’t feel home anymore as it used to. You realise to be less attached to the walls where you have been growing up. And there is nothing wrong with that, actually diminishing our attachment to physical things makes our soul lighter and more free. And after being away alone you will come back all changed.


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