Royal national park and Figure 8 pool

If you are looking for a nice hike I’d definitely  recommend the Royal national park and figure 8 pool. Get a train from Sydney central to Otford station, it’s only 53 minutes and the view from the train is also very nice. Tip: don’t ask any information at the train station cause they don’t know anything. The girl at the info point was sending me and my friends on the other side of the park, which is also 7 hours away from the figure 8 pool. I’d probably still be there if I listened to her advice. Fortunately my friend knew someone who went there so she could tell us the best way to get to the pools.

Got off at Otford on a cloudy day, nice fresh air and no cars around. Very different scenery from the city. Started walking in the forest and reached a view point on the ocean.


After this point me and my friends got in the inner part of the forest. Walked for about 2 hours and stopped from time to time to take some nice photos with spectacular view points of the coast.


Kept walking and reached a beautiful, hidden beach. Unfortunately it was still too cold to swim and that day it was high tide so we just sat and had lunch quietly.


Finished lunch, kept walking on the rocks and reached the pools. Now guys, the figure 8 pool is cool because of the 8 shape but there is also a long queue of people that want to take pictures with it. I did it and I recommend it but just for a few seconds cause people will kick you out if you don’t hurry. If  you want to relax and swim in these cool natural pools you can just walk around and you will find lots of them which are also empty. The water was freezing when we got there but we had so much fun!


The walk back was very tiring, in the end we also ran out of water which wasn’t fun! Got on the train and I was that desperate for water that I asked two random girls sitting next to me if they had any. They didn’t but they had cider instead. Cheers!

Lesson learnt: bring more water when you go for a hike or just drink cider!


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