Art Gallery NSW

If you like modern art, I strongly recommend you to visit the Art Gallery in Sydney. There are many reasons why I encourage you visiting this place and of course among the main ones, the fine choice of modern art pieces exposed. But that’s not all. The first and probably main one is the walk that takes you there, should you decide to walk and not to take the bus.

An Italian author Gabrielle D’Annunzio once wrote in his book ‘Il Piacere’ (also known in English as “The Child of Pleasure) dated 1889: ‘The expectations of pleasure is itself a pleasure’. And this is what I’m trying to say here. The walk that takes you the Art Gallery is a pleasure itself. Totally worth it! Start from the Opera House, stop and look around you, then make your way to the botanic gardens through the main entrance and whilst walking listen to the nature around you. Reach the inner part of the park and start following the signs.

You will get to a point when you leave the botanic gardens from a side entrance and cross the road to reach the Art Gallery.

An amazing, extremely pleasant experience. Have visited the Art Gallery a couple of times so far and really appreciated the simple, minimalist layout of the rooms. The sensation I got was of a perfect balance between the space and the pieces of modern art exposed. A very well balanced geometry of the rooms guides your eyes in a way that you don’t miss anything, unless you purposely want to. I also recommend you the Calligraphy section. Calligraphy is proposed here as a science which brings together personality, culture, history and emotions. Very interesting.

Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera

Last week I went to the art gallery to visit the exhibition of Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera.
What a gem. I’d suggest to do it alone, not that I had choice on that day I was actually alone. But I enjoyed it.


A big red panel welcomes the visitors into the exhibition and on the right a black and white blow photo of Frida and Diego gives a preliminary taste of what it is to be found inside.
I then followed the paintings and photos on the orange walls of the first room which delicately and quietly dig into the turbulent life of Frida and her everlasting love, Diego. The exhibition is like a journey from the early years until the death of the artist. First painting is the famous portrait that Frida painted in 1940 when she and Diego divorced.


I was astonished by the intensity of Frida eyes which she manages to re create through her paintings. It’s unbelievable how she can portray herself in such an accurate way, and this is what strikes me the most. The absolute awareness of herself is so vivid and transparent through all her paintings. It looks like she knew herself that much to be able to paint her emotions with clarity and straight vision, more than anyone else will ever be able to do.  Absolutely astonishing!


The love between Frida and Diego was harmful and turbulent yet, they lived for each other sick love.

Frida referring to Diego: “There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst”



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