When in Sydney

Interesting Fact
Opera House: built by Danish architect Jorn Utzon who studied the sorroundings and created the worldwide famous “sail structure” that fits perfectly with the breathtaking harbour and maritime landscape.


When I look at the architecture of the Opera, I feel that the structure and the landscape communicate perfectly with each others and establish a perfect connection.
They seem to communicate even better if you stop for a glass at the harbour during the sunset or at night when the lights of the city impress you with an incredibile and surprising sense of peace.

By stopping for a drink you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the night life and meet Australian people. Ozy people know how to enjoy their lives, they really do and they have a very good, eccentric and outgoing personality which I really like. Those are the kind of vibes you get when I talk to an Australian, I feel I can immediately connect and have a laugh.

But what really strikes me the most of Sydney is the perfect harmony between the busy crazy city life and the peace you can find in so many places if you just take 10 steps away from the CBD. When I walk in the streets I don’t feel overwhelmed or like I need to rush everywhere and compete for a career, a job or a parking spot. There is space for everyone here as everything is so big, even the streets are so big that you hardly see people getting angry whilst driving. Unless there are some Australian of Italian origins, and I can say that cause I am a crazy Italian driver myself. If you have been to Italy you know what I’m talking about.

Strongly recommended: walk from the Rocks to the Opera House and stop to observe the bridge at sunset. Head to the front of the Opera and take some pictures. Then head back and stop for a glass of wine on the harbour and observe the Opera House at night from a bit more distance to enjoy the lights’ effects.


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